Friends from Nicaragua

When Joe and I were living in Panama several years back we started corresponding with Debbie Goehring. Deb and her husband Ron were living in the US and making an exploratory trip to Panama.  We were not able to meet them on that trip but did keep in contact over the past five or so years.  Finally yesterday we were able to meet.  They have settled in Nicaragua and have been on a month-long tour of Ecuador and made the stop here in San Clemente.

San Clemente 5.20.2014 004It was great meeting them and hope the balance of their adventure in Ecuador is a good one.

13 thoughts on “Friends from Nicaragua

  1. Isn’t that just awesome…. that you can meet someone and keep in touch with them and then meet them somewhere in the world…

    • Dennis & Mary, it has been fun following the lives of folks from all over the world but so much better when you get the meet them in person and find that they are who you thought they were, I hope you understand what I am trying to say…they are the same lovely people in person as they are on the net. Have a great day, Nancy

  2. Good to see you, I’ve missed your updates. ( you look great) My husband and I are finally ready, packing the house, getting renters and flying to Quito on the 29th, and then to Crucita for 2months. Reading your blog helped us realize we wanted to live at the beach, when we originally thought big city. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. Hope Joe is well.

    • Hi Paige, glad you have everything ready for your own adventure. Joe is well, thanks for asking. Today I will post some photos of our trip to Manta for our anniversary. We did have a great time. Nancy

    • Hi Mary and John, welcome back. Debbie and Ron are up in Bahia today but hope to be back before they need to leave for home. Nancy

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