When Will the Shaking Stop?

It was 42 days ago. Just a short 6 weeks. Joe and I were getting ready to move to the bedroom and read for a while before going to sleep. I was standing in the kitchen and Joe was in the computer room. Then the shaking started, things started to crash to the floor and Joe running grabbed my hand and we found ourselves out on the driveway shaking. Not from being scared but because the quake was still moving us about.

That was a time that will never totally be erased from our lives.

Today as I look at two pair of shorts sitting on the couch near the front door, a bag packed with our personal papers sitting ready to be taken out, it reminds me that every day for the past 43 days we have had some sort of earthquake or aftershock.  Yes, Joe and I and our neighbors made it through it with little physical harm to ourselves or our homes but the stress we still feel is unbelievable. We’ve been through a number of earthquakes previously, but nothing like this in its violence and duration. Lifelong Ecuador residents said the same.

If a shutter rattles, an almond fall from the tree onto our roof or a wall creaks we are both jumping to run outside.  If I turn over in bed during the night I feel Joe tense up.  I can’t imagine how those who lost a loved one, lost their home with all their belongings or were injured feel when they feel yet another aftershock.

I never totally understood Post-Tramatic Stress, I totally get it now!


14 thoughts on “When Will the Shaking Stop?

    • Hi Libby, I have not resumed my daily walks, can’t seem to leave the house to do those type things yet. I hope soon the fear will pass, life getting back to a normal pace will be totally welcome. Happy to see folks here in town visiting and spending money this weekend. Now if we could get some water down here in Barrio Norte…ja ja

  1. I do hope it becomes easier as the aftershocks lessen. I have spoken to people who were in Bahia and they feel exactly as you do. They have taken a break in Cuenca so they did not feel as though they had to be on alert 24/7. Unfortunately they do not have a place to go back to in Bahia. I think many of their friends have gone as well. Many do plan to return and rebuild. Others have gone back to the States only to discover it is no longer home. But all feel so very fortunate to have these choices and want to continue to help their old community. I am staying in La Libertad for now.

    • HI Deborah, thanks for your insightful comments. It is so sad to see so many people without homes to return to. We were blessed not to have any damage to our home, just some cracks in our garden walls. We have had workers here for the past several weeks. We are doing all the concrete work and carpentry work we have thought about for the past several years. The house is dusty, there are workers here 5 1/2 days a week from 7:30am but it is getting done, and once done we are finished with construction for a very long while, ha ha Have a wonderful weekend, Nancy and Joe

    • Hi Mary and John, so are you totally moved out of your old place and moved into your new place? I hope so, I can’t stand being unsettled. We were told that our kitchen cabinets and shelving would be completed and installed last Saturday. Joe and I moved everything off the counters and they did not show…So the past week we have had to run into the spare bedroom looking for anything needed to cook…It is pretty funny, as all pots, pans, most dishes, glasses, utensils etc are sitting on the bed or in boxes on the floor in that room. Today we are waiting again for installation…Love Ecuador, always something to look forward to…Nancy

    • Hola Flori, I hope you are doing well after the earthquakes. Thanks for your comment. These past several weeks we have been having work done on the house and yard. Today our new kitchen cabinets were installed and they are just wonderful. Living with no cabinets for almost 4 years makes you really appreciate them when they are installed. We are trying to keep busy and do the work we had planned for the next several years now. Good to invest in the community…be well, Nancy and Joe

  2. this made me cry, nancy… you are so right, and i cannot begin to understand what it musthave been like there — it was pretty tough here in mindo.. i think that the may one/double was stronger than the april one…

    suffice to know that i wish you both the best, and i hope that you never have to endure another night like the one on april 16th…


    • Hi Lisa, we are still having tremors another today,,,we felt it at the mall….will email you later in the week,,,are you back in Jama>>>

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