One Vendor at the Mercado

Joe told me the pictures I took for my mercado story last week were a bit weak! He meant you really could not see the fruits or vegetables to get a good idea of what was for sale. When I went to my favorite young folks for my frutilla fix this morning I decided to take several more pictures.

Here’s an enlarged view of the prices in the previous photo.

These young folks are here every day of the week with fresh fruits and veggies. The young man speaks a few words of English and they are both very helpful.

5 thoughts on “One Vendor at the Mercado

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  2. Great photos Nancy. Thanks for sharing. What does “und” stand for on the price list next to the eggs, apples, and pineapples?

    • Hi Ken – Thanks for your gracious comment. I have seen this as u/c or un cada or cada un which means each one, we see this all the time a word that you can’t find in the dictionary that is used in an area so in Playas “und” mean “each one”. For example each single egg cost .15 cents or one choclo ear of corn is. 50 cents. Nancy

    • Hey Joe,
      I am helping out a friend this coming Fri. Sat. and Sunday so I will not be in our home for most of each of those days. Are you in Ecuador now??? Nancy

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