I know that I have mentioned this in several of my posts but I have not dedicated an entire post just to this product.  Last year while in Salinas I continued to have colds, flu, sinus or allergy issues. My dear friend Berty told me about BIRM.

She said that her mother had taken it because she was getting sick over and over and just could not shake it. Well after almost three bottles of it I actually stopped having the every few week cold / flu issues and started to feel like myself again. This past several months here in Playas both Joe and I have had a series of respiratory issues.  I thought I had allergies so I was taking Claritin D for almost a month, then sinus problems so I started using a very expensive nasal spray and finally a few weeks ago a full-fledged flu bug invaded our home so we were taking a list of pharmacy remedies. Both Joe and I are just now after almost three weeks getting over it. It was time to get out the Birm. I started my twice a day dose over a week ago. But still have such mucus in my chest that again last night I took a phlegm reducer called Bisolvon. The old saying goes “I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired”.  At $20 a bottle I hope Birm gets to working soon. What it is supposed to do is to balance your immune system.  They are doing trials at the U of Miami I’m told to see about its effect on certain cancers.

Birm also makes a face cream that I found in the pharmacy cost $17 a jar. I have used it for several months now, not sure if it is doing anything but I continue to use it. I’m told the doctor that discovered Birm is aged yet has the skin of a child. someone asked about it, he said must be from all the Birm he works with.  Thus the skin cream!

Have a great day!

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  2. Hello Nancy, I was just introduced to this product only a few weeks ago, I have some friends that are taking it and now I finally have my own bottle. Was told it’s good to TREAT not just that allergy, but its a preventative and use to treat all sorts of cancer, it helps to boost your immune system and it’s even used to treat people with HIV aids and many other diseases. The thing is it’s not so easy to get the product let alone the skin cream which we have never heard about. I’d like to get your help on getting thus product in my hands…this is a hidden treasure indeed. The person who introduced us to this product is now totally…completely FREE of prostate cancer. His doctor told him (without knowing about BIRM) that whatever he us doing, he should continue. I’m learning it easier to get it in Ecuador. In not here in the US. Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks for posting and have a wonderful heathy day.


    • Hi Kina, Not sure where you are located but if in the US you can go to Amazon and find Birm.

      If in Ecuador, I have found it at most of the big pharmacies, Sana Sana and Green Cross just to name two. And the link I have in the original post is for the company that makes Birm you should be able to order direct from them if you cannot find it where you are.

      It is most definitely to boost your immune system. And yes I have read about it’s other benefits as well. Glad you were able to find it. I just love the face cream. Nancy

    • Héctor, me gustaría comprobar con el fabricante o su farmacia antes de dar a un bebé de tres años de edad, Nancy

    • Kimesha, I was told an adult dose was 1 dropper (supplied with the bottle) in a small amount of water. Nancy

  3. My daughter was diagnosed with Breast cancer Stage IV, due to the advance nature of her disease she qualified for palliative care to keep her comfortable. My cousin who lives in Ecuador told me about BIRM, I got in touch with Dr. Cevallos, who has directed her treatment. She has been BIRM concentrated for eight months and has practically recovered her health. Her recovery is practically a miracle.

  4. Hi Nancy!!! ahora estoy en Ecuador recien me entero de este milagroso producto… me gustaria saber si puedo tomar BIRM para poder eliminar de mi cuerpo el virus del papiloma humano q causa cancer cervical, este aun no me ha causado daños en mis celulas, pero quiero saber si me ayudara a combatir esta enfermedad… 🙂 muchas gracias espero tu respuesta

    • Buenos días Jenny, Birm se utiliza para estimular el sistema inmunológico. Me permito sugerir que usted hable con su médico acerca de tomar como un suplemento. Tal vez usted podría copiar la información en el sitio web del Birm y llevarlo a su cita con el doctor que viene. Déjame saber lo que sus médicos dice. Mis mejores deseos para su recuperación total. Nancy

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