Horseradish Plant is Thriving

About two months ago Liz and Bill visited and brought me a beautiful horseradish root. I actually cut it in half as I could not part with the entire root and planted the one half in the ground at the beginning of one of my flower beds. I held out little hope that this would grow here after reading several accounts from other more experienced gardeners than myself that theirs never even came out of the ground here on the coast.

Below is a picture from March 24th where it started to sprout.

San Clemente 3.24.2013 015

The photo below was taken a few days ago.

San Clemente 4.26.2013 001

I actually don’t think I gave this plant enough room to grow but with our yard as small as it is, well I guess this will have to do for right now. I did a bit of reading and found out that the plant can grow to almost two feet high, is a perennial and will continue to grow for three years. The leaves can also be cut and eaten raw and have the same spicy taste as the root.

I am now researching how to can or somehow preserve what I hope to harvest..Just another day at the little house on the costa..

25 thoughts on “Horseradish Plant is Thriving

    • Hi Anna, Happy Anniversary to you and Chris. Thanks not sure if it is really green but I do love my garden, my plants and my trees…could spend all day just puttering around in our little yard. Nancy

  1. Hi Nancy – I can’t believe it put on so much top growth so quickly. Just a wee word about horseradish. From what I’ve been told (never having grown it myself), it increases in strength as it ages. Also, when you do decide to use it, grind it outside! The smell can linger in your house forever and it really will bring tears to your eyes! The older roots anyway. The only time I’ve played with fresh horseradish was from a crop that was extremely old – we had to wear gloves to work with it – much like a very hot pepper. Have fun with it. From all accounts, young leaves are fabulous in salads. I envy your culinary explorations – so much fun to play with new foods!
    We finally have spring here, but it’s not EC.


    • Marilee, so great to hear from you. Enjoy your spring. We are finally getting some relief from the heat, great cool nights, a nice breeze during the day and the sun is no where as hot as it was just a month ago. Thanks for the tips on the horseradish as I have never worked with it before either, never heard about doing it out of doors..but it is very powerful so great advise.

      Say hi to your sister, be well, come to visit soon okay!

      Nancy & Joe

  2. You’re welcome Nancy. Penny says Hi back ( to you and Joe). Don’t know when we’ll be able to come visit again. We’re still working very hard on the house, and have bought a large 5th wheel trailer, so will be snowbirds for a few years. San Clemente is still my ‘ideal’. I absolutely loved it there, and all the wonderful people we met. Sadly, the distances are just too far at his point in our lives. Family is more important right now, and it’s important that we stay within easy reach of our Mom.

    • Marilee, I understand it is very hard to be so far from family. We have missed some very important things due to our circumstances in living so far from everyone. I guess that is how our grandparents and great-grandparents felt leaving Poland and coming to the US. They never saw their family again. We have been lucky to have spend many vacations back with our family. But still very hard to be so far away… Nancy

  3. Wow – Nancy – good job!! So glad the root grew for you. We are down to just one month away before we get to Cotacachi. Can’t wait to get to EC. I’ll be planting a garden, too, and hope it does as well as yours.

    • Liz, you will just love Cotacachi and you can always come to visit and we can share plants..Our little garden is getting filled as a friend from Bahia brought me about 30 plants about 15 of those were cactus so I am planning a cactus garden not sure where it will fit but I would love to do that. She also brought me a bunch of seeds so I am getting very excited about planting some of those and seeing what pops up…I can’t believe that your move is less that a month away…good luck, hope it is totally UNeventful Nancy

      • Happy planting when you get the seeds! It’s beginning to sound like you will need a bigger yard! It is now 4 weeks from today that we fly out of here. Just cannot wait – we are sooooo ready. We already found a nursery in Cotacachi where I am sure we will be haunting for plants when we get there. We will definitely visit you on the coast when we can. We, too, are hoping the move is uneventful – but – it’s always an adventure. . . Liz

        • Liz, it is true, we have asked about the lot next door and want to see if we can buy a section of it…I am completely out of room, I cannot plant what I have in pots right now unless I add more beds. And to add more beds would mean taking away that strange walkway that separates the yard from the driveway, don’t know why that was put there in the first place so I guess it won’t hurt to get rid of it. Happy your plans are moving along and that you will be here soon. Best of luck, Nancy & Joe

  4. Congratulations! that looks like a very happy plant. I see you have some solar lights. We put in some here too and I really like that bit of soft light at night. I think we have the same kind of grass too but ours is full of weeds. I’ve been working on cleaning it up so it can fill in more. It seems to look very nice and not need a lot of cutting and maintenance.

    • Hey Kris, We just picked up four of those lights last week. They have about 10 different styles I picked up the least expensive just to try them out, I also like the soft light it gives off…Our grass was a mess when we moved in, I spend many an hour sitting in the yard with a pair of scissors and a screw driver and a big bucket and pulled each weed up by the roots…it has paid off as most of the weeds are gone and it is thick and cushy to walk on. I did pick up a $36 electric weed eater and that seems to do an okay job when it gets too long. Joe has even volunteered to do that job for me…so I am pretty happy. But it is easy to maintain. I watered well for months to get it started but have not watered at all during the wet season except for the plants. seems to be doing great…we will see now that it has stopped raining how it does..Nancy

      • Ahh yes, me too, sitting in the yard with a bucket and a couple digging tools! But I don’t think there is any other way to do the job right. People think I’m working very hard, but they don’t know I actually find this relaxing and it gives me a chance to listen to my audio books as well. Our grass hung in there through the dry season with no help, but it looks much more green and lush now that we’re getting some rain. I figure if I get rid of the weeds now it can spend the rainy season filling in the bare spots.

        • Kris, I had Joe cut a big circle of grass from around every tree. I took that grass and patched other areas of the lawn that were bare and now I have this cute donut shape in several places but after many months it is finally filling in…Probably by next year it will look great. I know there are things on the market for killing weeds without killing the grass but I have not seen them here in Ecuador…so pulling each weed by hand is the only way to get the job done. It rained here last night, I did not even hear it on the roof so it was a very soft rain. But it rained enough to leave a few puddles on the walkway and driveway…good for me no real watering today…waiting on my Lomo Fino to be deliver, so I guess I need to get out of my nightgown and into some clothes before they arrive. Have a great weekend…I still laugh when I remember your pictures with the rain rushing off your roof, brings back such wonderful memories of our time in Dolega…I really miss my dear friends there. Nancy

          • Rain! yeah!! I was just in Dolega yesterday and visited a nursery I’d heard about. My goodness there were a ton of plants there! I could have easily gone nuts and bought so many beautiful things. And, I’d rather not put chemicals in the yard so I’d hand weed anyway. Have a good weekend and I’ll cross my fingers that more rain comes your way.

            • Kris, I loved that place, they knew me and would call a pick up to bring all my purchase back to the house. They had the most beautiful full, big and green hanging ferns. I had them all around the house in front of every window and all over the porch…it is still overcast and it is after noon so I don’t think we will have sun until sunset…I bought 5 lbs of lomo fino beef and lomo fino pork…have the beef in the refrig to age for a few days and Joe is finishing cutting up the pork so we can grind it and freeze it. busy busy busy just finished washing the porch floor and did two loads of laundry early, honestly I am ready for a nap…what is that all about..must be getting old

    • When we lived in Salinas we had a 10 floor condo and I brought in a bunch of plants, two coconut palms, 4 trays of flowers, probably 20 plants in total…I love my plants and need to have a garden to play in…this place is a dream come true after living 10 floors up…

    • John and Mary, Hope the salt mill works, my problem is that the salt is damp, I even try to dry it out in a frying pan but it is still damp…are you guys getting a CNT landline? I heard from Lyndell and Ken and Larry and Bethany and the phone sounds great..I am waiting on our line to be installed this week hopefully. Ken and Lyndell said they were able to watch USTVnow and Hulu with their new CNT internet yesterday. I have not been able to do that with Victor’s set up. Nancy

  5. how great that you ”got a start’ of horseradish! i hope that it grows well and multiplies, and one of these days you have enough for the entire province! how i loved grating fresh horseradish – for some reason having that pungent aroma permeate the kitchen made me feel alive and in charge of my senses!!! it was also special for crayfish season back in mississipi and louisiana!

    • Hi Z, well we will see how much of a root I have in about 6 months. Then I will be happy to share, wish I had more room to plant, really love having fresh herbs in our garden, I will take a photo of the ginger it is going wild but again it is squeezed close to other plants…I should not complain we have yard, most folks here do not. Can’t wait to have my first shrimp cocktail with our very own horseradish sauce…how great is that? N

  6. Awesome. I wish. Making horseradish isn’t a pleasant experience, but totally worth it with some roast beef. I wonder if this is native here at all….?

    • Hi David, This is a very old post, my plant did beautifully, tons of leaves, great stalks but when it started to die back I dug it up and there were no roots to speak of. I have never seen horseradish root here, I can buy a creamy horseradish sauce which has a real kick and that is what I have been using. The original root was a gift from a visitor who knew that I longed for some fresh horseradish. So sad that it would not produce for me. Thanks for your comment, be well, Nancy

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