Iguana Visit

Everyday we see something new either in our garden, on our walk around town or down by the beach. Yesterday was no exception. I was working in the kitchen when I heard some branches moving in the yard. I stepped out on the porch and found a new visitor in our lemon tree.

San Clemente 9.23.2014 013

San Clemente 9.23.2014 015He was not to thrilled to see me and took off soon after this picture was taken. But at least now I think I know where some of the missing fruit goes.

Fire Hydrant in San Clemente ???

I walked by this and said what? A fire hydrant in San Clemente?  I thought I was seeing things so decided to let you all see it for yourselves.

San Clemente 9.20.2014 024Just not sure why there would be a fire hydrant. San Clemente only has water service a few days a week, this fills our cisterns and is then turned off. Do you think we will be getting water service full-time?



San Clemente 9.20.2014 022Our trip to Manta for a few days was wonderful. Weather perfect, hotel very comfortable and of course our choice of restaurants perfect.

San Clemente 9.20.2014 002San Clemente 9.20.2014 003The above photos were taken at Las Velas on the malecon. The dish was swordfish with a beautiful cream sauce served with mushroom risotto. Excellent!

San Clemente 9.20.2014 016San Clemente 9.20.2014 018The next day we went to Restaurante Martinica. We were served Ceviche Jipajopa as an appetizer. I had the Corvina Encocoda, Joe had the Asian Salmon. We shared a bottle of an excellent wine – Salentein Reserve Malbec from Argentina. We also had a great chocolate and vanilla mousse for dessert.  We will be walking extra miles this week….

We also had dinner at Maido, a Japanese Restaurant where we enjoyed sushi rolls and vegetable tempura.  Sorry we were too busy eating to take any photos.

We did walk on the beach every morning and were surprised to see two different exercise classes.

San Clemente 9.20.2014 005

San Clemente 9.20.2014 004

San Clemente 9.20.2014 007We had a great time, did some shopping, a great deal of eating and some well deserved relaxing.

San Clemente 9.20.2014 010San Clemente 9.20.2014 009So Joe when are we going back?

Baby Ceibo Tree

San Clemente 9.20.2014 014I had never seen a baby ceibo tree until Eva took me to a restaurant in Manta a few weeks ago.  It was just so beautiful I needed to take a picture to share with you all. The big ceibos can be seen all over the landscape, now they look like they are in flower but it is the pods bursting with the white fluff.

San Clemente 12.31a.2013 001The pod on the left is ceibo, the branch on the right is cotton.


Community Workers

I see and say hola to a lot of children and adults on my walk each morning. These two guys are the ones that keep the streets clean in San Clemente. They deserve our appreciation and gratitude for a job well done. Especially if you walk on the streets of Centro the morning after Fiesta or Carnaval and then see them after these guys work their magic!

San Clemente 9.15.2014 001San Clemente 9.15.2014 003thanks again for a job well done!



Check out the Bingo Truck

While in San Jacinto yesterday we saw this truck. Looks like this Gran Bingo is happening in San Antonio de Chone.

San Clemente 9.13.2014 001I have only seen bingo played at the fire station to fundraise. This is being held on September 20th at 2pm at Pistas del club. There are some great prizes according to the sign – 80 in all. If you like bingo this sounds like a great one.