What the Garden Looks Like Today

We really have not made a great deal of changes to the garden, well I guess I need to take that back. We have had to chop down dead branches on almost every tree, cut foot long grass from the entire area and now pull weeds but have not put a great deal of money into the yard only time and hard work. So to look back on the garden and then look at today’s photos you would say we have done a great deal of work cleaning it up. First what it looked like beforehand, this was the first time we had seen the property back in May.

San Jacinto Clemente 4.28.2012 020

San Jacinto Clemente 4.28.2012 021

San Jacinto Clemente 4.28.2012 022

I look back and you can’t even see the fence at the back of the garden it was so overgrown.  Here are todays pictures.

San Clemente 12.4.2012 002

San Clemente 12.4.2012 003

San Clemente 12.4.2012 005

Boy can I see a difference. And we have just begun…wait until we put in some furniture and I finish with making planters on the sidewalk…

24 thoughts on “What the Garden Looks Like Today

  1. Wow, what a difference. All your hard work is really paying off.
    I’ve been reading your blog for several months, and now am in Ecuador myself for three months. I would like to tap your information reserves about possible places to look for a house at the beach for one of those months. Would you mind emailing me?

    • Deborah, I did not really remember just how overgrown everything was back in May when we took those pictures…so when I did this post I too was amazed to see just how different the yard looks just with a ton of cleaning and trimming…I can’t wait to figure out what furniture we will put in..also I think a nice rope hammock would be an excellent idea for under those trees…now to find just the right one for the space…Nancy

  2. yep looks much neater and even bigger! I know from experience how hard it is to work in the garden…. we’ve got a post coming soon about “weeds”… it’s great to keep pictures of the before and after so you can actually notice the difference.. 🙂

        • I would love to be able to put down a weed and feed, but I don’t know how to even ask for something like that. If I did that it woudl solve most of my garden problems.

  3. Wow, you’ve done a ton of work and it looks beautiful! A garden is always a work in progress though, and that’s a lot of the fun. Yours looks so inviting and pleasant now.

    • Hi, it is a wonderful place to take your drink or lunch and just sit in the shade. We will get a lot of use from this yard, Nancy

  4. What a nice job you have done! Your place is so nice and such a large yard. Looks like you enjoy your time there. I wish you the best!

    • Hey Karen, it is a work in progress, now to find someone to put in some planters on the sidewalk, then I will be in hog-heaven!

  5. Yes, I understand. I have been checking out my plants since I got back. They need some TLC for sure. It is so nice to watch them take root and to grow into such beautiful plants. Hope you can find what you are looking for to make them a home. Talk to Palbo (Alexander’s brother). He should be able to make you what you need. From what I understand he knows about a lot of things. Good Luck !!

    • Karen, your right, but Pablo seems to always be busy…but I do need help in making my decision and then just getting the job done. Nancy

    • Hey Joe, not sure how long it would take for a mangostein tree to produce fruit…we are looking for trees that will fruit in a few years…love you N

  6. Nancy, when you first posted pictures of the garden, I remember thinking, “I bet they can really make that space look good with a little work.” Well, you certainly have. I like how you’ve pruned the trees so you can walk back under the limbs and into the shade – it looks so pleasant. Good job! Best regards, John

    • GOod Morning John, I must admit the trimming up of all the trees was Joe’s idea, I guess he could see us sitting under them enjoying a shady retreat…Thanks for following our blog, be well, Nancy & Joe

  7. Hi, what an amazing work in such a short time.. What you achieved is really impressive. I like how you kept the initial lineout of the garden and worked with what you had at hand. Perfect. I can see you will be spending many lovely evenings there. Very nice job.

    • Hi Jamie, thanks for your comment and also for following our little blog. We have been putting in a good day a week working on that yard. So many of the trees were filled with dead branches, so much grass and actually too many trees in the space. There was no air circulation and not enough light. Joe has done a great job cutting back and now the grass is growing and I am planting flowers. We decided yesterday that we are going to bring in a load of sand and bricks and make a patio on the one side that grass does not grow on and then we are going to put up a small bamboo and palm frond roof…so we can spend even more time in the garden, Nancy

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